Our Team

All bases covered

The Brighton Australia team offers a complete professional service to our construction partners. This enables us to manage some of the largest and most complex construction projects in the nation.

With our team of skilled contract managers we provide expert advice at time of tender. Their expertise is invaluable in finding the right solutions for each project. As skilled contract negotiators and managers they provide a professional conduit for builders at all stages of the tender and construction process.

Completed Projects

The record of our project managers speaks for itself. With over 200 completed projects to our credit, their skills in activity planning, coordination, design management and team leadership has been a major factor in the success of the company.

The safety of our workers is our priority. Our dedicated WHS Manager coordinates the safety management of a diverse workforce. Combined with the expertise of our rehabilitation provider Rehab Options, we are committed to looking after the safety and welfare of our employees.

With many years of experience, our office management team is the backbone of the organisation. Through skills in progress claim preparation, human resources management, accounts payable and receivable and industrial relations, the team provides all the necessary support to both internal and external stakeholders.